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The Chessplayer automaton by Pierre Mayer


The Chessplayer automaton by Pierre Mayer .


It was a project that was in the back of my mind many years ago.
I consulted my late friend Christian Fechner who advised me to use moving gears inside the cabinet.
Then I asked the legendary John Gaughan, creator and restorer of large scale magical automata.
Finally Abdul Alafrez, magician, actor and theatre special effects consultant came with the solution I needed.
With my talented co-worker Cathy Rivers we then solved the different problems one by one.
The effect is the following:
The crank is turned, the left door opens showing an empty cabinet all the way inside except for moving gears.
The left door closes, the right one opens and a little man is seeing activating a lever supposed to lift the automaton’s left hand.
It is my favorite piece ,until the next one may be!!! »



Image de prévisualisation YouTube




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