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Laetitia, Princess of the air , by Pierre Mayer



Laetitia, Princess of the air





Image de prévisualisation YouTube


 This automaton differs from the previous one: the Fechner’s levitation.  It uses a complete different principle, no magnets this time. Laetitia floats in the air when you turn the handle and the arms raise.  A mirror in her back shows there is nothing to hide and creates a perfect illusion for this levitation. Also the flames from the candles twirl and move up.


A wondrous Tale

                    Laetitia Princess of the Air  who broke the bonds of gravity, in the name of love

Legend has it that one fateful New Year’s Eve, the beautiful Laetitia spied a handsome  stranger – Richard Garriott – riding atop a magical Octopus.  


                                      It was love at first sight

But who was this mysterious man, said to walk among the stars ; and how could she catch his eye – let alone, his heart ?

The story goes that at the stroke of midnight, Princess Laetitia snuck up behind him and stole a single kiss.

Richard was so moved by both her beauty and the newly awakened passion burning in his heart, witnesses claim the couple floated, arm in arm, up into the heavens – where they continue to live happily, forever after.



Laetitia, Princess of the air , by Pierre Mayer  dans new automata Laeticia-automate-de-Pierre-Mayer-11-718x1024



Laeticia-automate-de-Pierre-Mayer21-693x1024 dans new automata






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