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Robert Houdin Orange Tree by Pierre Mayer

Robert-Houdin (1805-1871), considered the father of modern magic,used to perform this mythical illusion in the theatre that bore his name.Actually this was the opening act of the theatre.

Following is an abbreviated description of this famous effect.

A handkerchief was borrowed from a lady in the audience and a ring borrowed from another spectator.The magician then made these objects disappear.

A small bottle of perfume was placed under the orange tree and set on fire by the magician.

The vapors arising from the bottle caused flowers to bloom which was followed by the appearance of the oranges.Robert-Houdin would then pick the oranges and offer them to members of the audience . He would leave one orange on the tree and would make a gesture with his wand over the orange .The orange would then open and two flying butterflies would come forth bearing the borrowed handkerchief and the ring which was attached to it by a tiny ribbon .


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